Helping Young People Succeed at Work


Train Your Team

Finding good people to fill entry-level positions can be challenging. What if you had access to resources to make your recruits better at their jobs and more satisfied doing them?

Great for New Employees

The Success Spoken Here book and companion Tools for Success will help everyone on your team improve their customer guidance prowess. Although primarily written for teens, these resources offer much insight for customer-facing employees of all ages.

Overcome a Lack of Training Resources

Especially if you work for a small company, you may not have a wealth of training materials or programs available to you. By pointing your employees to the Success Spoken Here resources, your employees may enhance their work skills on their own, without formal classes or expensive seminars.

Don't Field an Unmotivated and Underachieving Team

Don't let your customers question why your business even bothers opening its doors. Impress patrons with trained and caring employees that help them solve problems, fulfill needs, and satisfy wants.

Enhance Your Own Standing

Building your team's strengths will enhance your own personal standing as well. By teaching your staff these skills, you stand to better satisfy the customers already visiting your store—and to attract more of them through word of mouth praise.