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(18 January 2022)

"I'm Just Browsing" is an Invitation, Not a Brush-Off

How to Helpfully Inform Dismissive Customers

Working with customers having specific problems, needs and wants is often straightforward, but engaging with those patrons who don't seem to know what they want can be more challenging. By learning a few techniques, you and your team will be up to the challenge.

Robotically telling customers: "Let me know if you have any questions" is a recipe for boring them and ensuring they will forget both you and your business. Whereas, highlighting what your business does differently, what it does best, and what it sells that they have never seen before, provides them reasons to engage with you and remember it.

Many products and services marketed today are sold by multiple providers. Thus, there is a good chance many of your business's offerings overlap those of others. Meanwhile, in our information-everywhere world, customers tend to be well informed about popular products. Yet, they still visit physical businesses and many do so with much curiosity, even those that feel they are expert shoppers who have seen it all. These folks especially appreciate discovering something interesting. So help them do so.

When customers visit your business just "searching for serendipity," be sure to give it to them. Subtly—but consistently—inform them about the things your business offers that are either newly-introduced, available only at your location, or that represent the finest of their type.

Create Your Business's "NUE" List

Featuring your business's new, unique, and exceptional—or "NUE"—products will set it apart and inspire customers to return. There are many ways for highlighting these products for your customers. They all start with discovering and defining everything NUE your business offers. To do so, I recommend developing a NUE List.

Use this tool to identify and begin featuring your business's NEW, UNIQUE, and EXCEPTIONAL products and services.

By building this worksheet, you and your team will create a list of items to drop into conversation with customers. Instead of saying "Let me know if you have any questions," offer something more helpful, along the lines of this: "Feel free to have a look around, and be sure to visit our new ACME display right over here, their new kitchen widget is very clever—what a time-saver."

Highlighting NUE merchandise gives your customers a little something for free. It will stimulate them to think about using such new, unique and exceptional products and services themselves. What is more, it will often motivate them to spread the word to their social circle about your superlative offerings. And your business as well.

Read more about hosting customers, instead of merely waiting on them, in my new book: Success Spoken Here.

–Greg Kagay


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