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(12 January 2022)


How to Identify And Obtain a Great First Job

January 12, 2022 - Fredericksburg, TX- The website is a companion to the new book: Success Spoken Here: A Young Person's Guide to the Customer-Facing Workplace.

Greg Kagay, the publisher says: "This new resource offers many tools for young adults and their parents to use before, during and after the job search. It also features tools that will help small customer-facing business supervisors and owners better engage with customers."

Organized into user-targeted groupings, the Tools for Parents include the Work Readiness Quiz. This one-page document will help parents discuss working and looking for a job with their teen children.

Another tool meant to be used by both parents and their teen children is the Reading Checklist. This tool divides the book into small easily-read segments, allowing readers to track their progress as they read the book.

The Job Search Tools include a worksheet for developing a Work Availability Statement. This tool will help users answer the question every potential employer is going to ask: "When can you work and how often?"

Users will not only find tools for the job search but for use on the job as well. One of these is the NUE List. This tool will help employees, managers and even business owners identify and list all of the things about their enterprise that are new, unique, and exceptional.

Finally, the website is also a platform for accepting book orders and hosting articles.

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