Helping Young People Succeed at Work

About This Site

Helping teens find great jobs, succeed in their positions, and grow in their roles.

This website is built for teens, parents and anyone who manages young people at work.

  1. The Book: This website is the online companion to the Success Spoken Here book. The book will guide kids on every step of their working adventure, from thinking about working, to interviewing, and to succeeding at work. Parents and managers have much to gain by reading the book as well.
  2. Tools for Success: The Tools for Success will help teens both before and during their job search, as well as leading them to success and fulfillment once they begin working. Most of these tools are designed for aspiring teens, while a few are specifically designed for parents who are guiding their high-school-aged children toward better working experiences. The Tools for Success designed for the workplace will benefit both young employees and their managers alike.
  3. Articles: Finally, you will find articles written to guide teens in their early careers and to help them get more out of their jobs. These articles will also guide parents striving to enhance the early careers of their teen children and enhance the effectiveness of those who supervise teens.