Helping Young People Succeed at Work

About the Author

Greg as a Kid

A Kid With Ambition

When I was a kid I was seemingly always trying to save money for something, usually a better bicycle. Even before I reached working age, I was constantly looking for jobs to do. I mowed lawns, washed cars, even had a paper route. And when I was old enough to work in a proper "punch-clock" job, I found myself working in the first place I could find that would hire me, washing dishes in a barbecue restaurant.

The story gets more interesting after that—as described in the book. Ultimately I turned my passion for bicycles into a much more interesting job, for me personally at least. By the time I was a sophomore in high school I was working in a great bike shop, where I could put my knowledge and expertise to work to help others.

Greg Today

Helping Kids Today

Now, with this website and its companion book, I want to help young adults—high school age and up—find jobs that match their interests and give them the opportunity to help others.

What the Book Offers

The book is written primarily to do two things:

  1. Help kids identify a great first job, and impress everyone starting on day one.
  2. Help kids enhance their impact at work, by learning to host customers, instead of merely waiting on them.

--Greg Kagay